Scott M Hower

Age 64 born in 1952 in Beanblossom, Indiana in a house reputed to have been one of John Dillingers hideouts.

Married Sabina M. Hower in 1988 and we raised two children, Mariel and Shane who taught me more about love than they can ever know. Our children have given us three wonderful grandchildren.

Scotland School for Veterans Children class of 1971 Associate in Management, Community, College of the Air Force, 1979 Associate in Applied Foodservice Sanitation/Veterinary medicine, Community College of the Air Force, 1982 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 1985

1971 Enlisted in the US Air Force, Trained as a Munitions Maintenance Specialist at Lowery AFB Denver Colorado


  • 1972 Nellis AFB Las Vegas, Nevada, 57 Tactical Fighter Wing, F4 fighter/bombers

  • 1973 Takhli Royal Thai AFB Thailand, 474th Tactical Fighter Wing, F 111 fighter/bombers

  • 1974-1980 Hahn AB Germany, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, F4 fighter/bombers

  • 1980-1982 Hill AFB Utah, 388 Tactical Fighter Wing, F16 fighters

I cross trained to Veterinary/Food Inspection Specialist in 1981 at Fort Sam Houston San Antonio Texas. As a Munitions Maintenance Tech, I was responsible for maintaining, inspecting, inventory, record keeping, build up, and delivery to the aircraft all munitions from small arms to tactical nuclear weapons in the Air Force inventory, as well as maintaining specialized munitions tools and equipment.

As a Veterinary Tech I was responsible for caring for the military working dogs, inspecting and record keeping on all food items that were to be consumed on the Air Force base (dining hall, commissary, officer and enlisted clubs and recreation centers). I managed the base epidemiology program.

1982-1985 BFA undergraduate studies at Millersville University.

1982-2014, self employed, Howerhouse Home Improvements Renovations/Fabrication. Designed and built homes, additions, and renovations from concept to completion. I have performed maintenance and repair on all home systems. I was responsible for all sales, designing, planning, logistics, scheduling, estimating, ordering, crew and subcontractor management, customer relations, billing, and bookkeeping to facilitate the smooth completion of all projects undertaken. I always made sure the customer was completely satisfied prior to asking for the final check. Howerhouse never had a callback.

2011-2016 Cofounded and implemented the Writeface creative, expressive, journal writing workshops for veterans experiencing readjustment issues. I manage Writeface business affairs and logistics as well as facilitate the workshops. Currently serving as Treasurer Writeface Board of Directors.

Having seen the positive effects that the Writeface program is having on our veteran participants, Writeface has morphed from a cause to a calling for me. It has become my prime motivation.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy having the time (now that the children are grown) to be alone with my wife. Whether working around the house, traveling, or just sitting quietly watching TV or a movie, there is no one I would rather be with.

I like to design and construct free form furniture. I consider myself a poet and love the process of writing. I like the succinctness of poetry as it requires the poet to find just the right words to convey the thought concisely but accurately. A well crafted poem has a chapter of prose thoughts and emotions within it.

I dream of a world where there are no veterans to honor or help heal. In the meantime there is Writeface.