7.9% of all veterans commit suicide

Writeface currently operates in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania but has plans to expand into surrounding counties in 2019 and operate by 2025. Since commencing operations Writeface has served veterans and family members ranging in age from 26- to 81-years-old.

According to the 2010 US census there are 35,058 veterans living in Lancaster County
and 981,865 veterans living in Pennsylvania.

According to the Veterans Administration (VA):

  • 31% of Vietnam War veterans have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),

  • 10% of the first Gulf War veterans have PTSD,

  • 11% of Afghanistan War veterans have PTSD,

  • 20% of Iraq War veterans have PTSD, and

  • 17.75% average of all US veterans have PTSD.

    That means there may be more than 6,200 Lancaster County veterans and
    over 174,000 Pennsylvania veterans with PTSD.

The VA also reports that 7.9% of all veterans commit suicide compared to a 2.5% rate among the general population. Therefore, some 2,800 Lancaster County veterans and a total of 14,000 Pennsylvania veterans may be at risk of suicide.

The Good News

You can make a difference. By teaming up with WriteFace, you have an impact on a local’s veterans’ lives and the lives of their families. Sponsor an entire workshop, an individual veteran, or just give what you can. Veteran’s have given so much. Let’s help those who need and deserve our help.