17.75% average of all US veterans have PTSD

“Through my writing I can find areas of my life that need improvement, good or bad, and deal with feelings from the past.”

Our Purpose

The Writeface process helps attendees focus on clarifying and understanding their thoughts. Unwritten thoughts may be fleeting or chaotic; the written word can be reviewed and refined. As our writers rework their words to say exactly what they mean, they are able to observe and attend to their reactions to life’s challenges.


Scott Hower, a Vietnam veteran, experienced the stress of readjustment personally. He learned through his writing to manage those issues.

Annie Ginder is a certified Journal To The Self instructor who has taught journaling and poetry courses to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, as well as elementary school children.


Annie Grinder

“Today, through the work I am doing with Writeface, I get to be a witness to some of the most amazing personal transformations I have ever seen. There are generations of veterans out in the world who have been living with painful invisible wounds for years with no where to go with them. I believe Writeface has the power to help heal them and in so doing has the power to heal the psyche of our nation. I am honored to be doing work that I love with people who put their trust in me, open up their souls and invite me in as if I am one of their own”.


Scott M. Hower

“Having seen the positive effects that the Writeface program is having on our veteran participants, Writeface has morphed from a cause to a calling for me. It has become my prime motivation.”